What with everything going on in the world right now, a good laugh might just be the thing you need.

Amazon Prime has a wide selection of comedies - some you'll know, some you'll love - to choose from, including favourites like 'Booksmart', 'Four Lions' and many more available to stream.

Here's a few of our favourites...


'Analyze This'

It's hard to watch Robert DeNiro in awful comedies like 'Dirty Grandpa', the two sequels to 'Meet The Parents', or that bagel ad, and know that he was never funnier than he was in 'Analyze This'. Brilliantly drawing on his own history of playing hardened mobsters, 'Analyze This' was built on big laughs and the dynamic between DeNiro and Billy Crystal is as layered and outright hilarious as you could hope for. That 'The Sopranos' even had to fold it into a scene in one episode tells you all you need to know about it.


'Cabin In The Woods'

It really does diminish the impact of this movie if you watch it by knowing too much about it. Really, it's the kind of movie that is best experienced and best enjoyed when you know as little about it. Everything about it designed to circumvent your expectations, and we want to keep it that way. Initially, you might look at the poster / preview for it and think it's a horror. Yes, it is - but just barely. Really, it's a comedy. Probably the best horror-comedy of the past two decades. Trust us on this.



This indie comedy takes on '80s British cop procedurals like 'Bergerac', 'Inspector Morse', 'The Professionals' and then funnels it through the filter of the guys behind 'The Mighty Boosh'. Julian Barratt plays a washed-up actor who played Richard Mindhorn, a TV cop who could "see the truth" with his eyepatch, who is sent to the Isle of Man to help police as a deranged serial killer will only speak to him, believing him to be real.

'Police Academy'

Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, it's definitely not the kind of movie that would be made nowadays. Yes, some parts of it definitely have not aged well. But, for all of that, 'Police Academy' still ranks as one of the all-time comedies of the '80s and who doesn't love that theme music? Plus, every tall person in the '90s had the nickname Hightower, thanks to this movie.


'Blades of Glory'

Will Ferrell's sports comedies are always something of a hit and miss. For every 'Soccer Dad' or 'Semi-Pro', there's something like this. Ferrell joins Jon Heder as two disgraced figure skaters who find a way back into the sport after being banned following an incident that sees a mascot being set on fire. Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Jenna Fischer and real-life ice-skaters such as Nancy Kerrigan and Brian Boitano turn up as well. Also, yes, a scene from this featured on the best song from the 'Watch The Throne' album from Jay-Z and Kanye West.


'Top Secret!'

If you loved 'Airplane!' and 'The Naked Gun', then you'll love 'Top Secret!'. For whatever reason, it's never mentioned in the same breath as those two classics of parodies, but it's every bit as stupid, funny, and stupidly funny as them both. A baby-faced Val Kilmer - in his debut role, no less - plays an all-American teenage rock star who ends up in a spy plot to reunite Germany. In the same way that 'Airplane!' was a piss-take of airplane disaster movies of the '60s and '70s, 'Top Secret!' was a piss-take of Cold War spy movies and Elvis Presley musicals. Here, just watch this scene to get what you need.


'Attack The Block'

John Boyega's breakout role for US audiences might have been 'The Force Awakens', but if anyone saw this cracking sci-fi action comedy set inside a London tower block, they'd have known better. Taking inspiration from stuff as disparate as 'The Thing', 'Assault on Precinct 13' to the grime and garage music, 'Attack The Block' is a worthy double-bill piece to 'Shaun of the Dead'.


'Bad Neighbours'

Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron star in this college caper comedy about a married couple with a young baby going to war with their college student neighbours in a series of escalating battles. Rogen and Byrne have excellent chemistry and comedic timing together, but it's the one-off moments with Efron and Dave Franco that really make it special, especially the Robert DeNiro party scene.


'The Farewell'

Lulu Wang's semi-autobiographical comedy-drama tells the story of a Chinese-American woman (Awkwafina) who learns that her grandmother is terminally ill, but her family have decided to keep the secret from her and justify the return to China by staging a wedding for her cousin. Equal parts heartwarming and hilarious, 'The Farewell' is a tonic.


'American Psycho'

Yes, we're putting this in comedies and not horrors because 'American Psycho' is a comedy - specifically, a satire - at its core. From the very opening scenes, 'American Psycho' brilliantly layers itself with biting wit about masculinity, consumerism, liberal hypocrisy, and all of it done with a soundtrack of '80s classics. Granted, if anyone watches this and thinks Patrick Bateman's a really cool guy, think about removing them from your life.


'Baby Mama'

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in this cracking comedy about a successful businesswoman (Fey) who hires an obnoxious surrogate (Poehler) to carry a baby to pregnancy and deliver it. The dynamic that Poehler and Fey have together is why they were two of the best performers on 'SNL', and while it might not be all of what they're capable of, it's still very funny.