As Michelle Wolf so eloquently puts it, "when you make someone eat s***, feed it to them with the right fork."

Michelle Wolf's weekly late-night-but-not-actually-late-night comedy show is pretty much no-holds-barred when it comes to taking aim at just about anything, and so it goes that the comedian launched into a hilariously NSFW explainer for how to insult the henchmen in Donald Trump's administration.

For example, Ivanka Trump can't just be called a c-word anymore, as "it's on her vision board" according to Wolf. Instead, you've got to get personal and intimate in a way that'll devastate them for the rest of their lives. It can't just be broad, catch-all insults - you've got to make it personal and make it count.

Take a look. You might have to log in because there's probably an age warning on it.