'After Life' has had its viewers in stitches laughing, followed by tears mourning, over two seasons (or twelve episodes).

Its success led to creator (and star) Ricky Gervais signing off a multi-project deal with the streaming service. The other good news for fans is that 'After Life' will reportedly get a third - and final - season.

The dramedy follows Tony (Gervais) in the aftermath of his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) passing away of breast cancer.

He works as a journalist at the local free newspaper, but cares little for the work.

Through making friends with his colleagues, neighbours, and a nurse (Ashley Jensen) who cares for his father (David Bradley) in a retirement home, Tony finds a way to get through the dark days.

While the first season of the series dropped in March 2019, the second season landed last April.

The new episodes attracted more fans than ever.

If you're among the many who have viewed and loved 'After Life', check out our quiz below and see how well you remember it.

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