You have to give credit to Michael Bay for his complete and utter adherence to one kind of genre, to the point where he's basically defined it.

'Bayhem' can be identified by any number of markers. For example, you'll have some kind of ridiculous car chase. You'll have LOTS of cuts. There'll be lots of very attractive women in skimpy clothes. There'll also be some kind of one-liner, and you'll also have a lot of product placement. A lot. Like, a crazy amount. To the point where you're wondering if it's actually one big advertisement.

Seeing as how Ryan Reynolds is heavily involved in '6 Underground', you can almost guarantee that Aviation Gin is going to be plastered everywhere. The plot (hah, plot) in '6 Underground' follows a group of highly-trained operatives who have all faked their own deaths - hence the underground bit - and now find bad guys across the world and put them down without legal proceedings holding them back.

As you can probably guess, each member of the team has their own skill-set - Dave Franco's able to drive really fast, Melanie Laurent is ex-CIA, Ben Hardy is a parkour expert (that's so up to date), and there's a "hitman with a conscience", a "doctor accustomed to battle conditions" and leading them all is Ryan Reynolds, an enigmatic billionaire who's funding the whole operation. Really, the comic-book references here are all over the place, so expect lots of that in there as well.

'6 Underground' arrives on Netflix on December 13th and we'll have a review hopefully before then.