The next Marvel series coming to Disney Plus is 'What If...?' and MCU fans will most definitely get a kick out of it.

'What If...?' features a whole bunch of fan favourite characters, including Peggy Carter, T’Challa, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor and more.

It imagines alternative paths for the characters in a "multiverse of unlimited possibilities."

The show marks Marvel Studios' first animated series.

And if you were worried they'd be getting in voice impersonators to play the roles, never fear.

The likes of Chris Hemsworth, Josh Brolin, Hayley Atwell, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dominic Cooper, Sean Gunn, Tom Hiddleston, Michael B. Jordan, Natalie Portman, Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Taika Waititi, Michael Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Rooker, Toby Jones, Stanley Tucci, and the late Chadwick Boseman all return to voice their famous MCU characters.

There are ten episodes of the series in total.

The first one imagines what would have happened if Peggy Carter and not Steve Rogers took the super soldier serum at the start of World War II.

Watch the trailer now.

'What If..?' starts streaming on Disney+ from August 11th with new episodes every Wednesday.