The show offers a unique look at the lives of wealthy Asians and Asian Americans living in LA. The first season kicked off in 2021 and showcased glitz, glamor, and money.

One thing's for sure, season two of 'Bling Empire' is even blingier than the last. As the series continues to document some of LA's wealthiest in the Asian/Asian American community, the more money seems to get thrown around.

Last season we watched as Christine Chiu's toddler did a photoshoot in a miniature Lamborghini for no reason and then went on to have a fancier birthday party than anyone we've ever met.

It's a world wherein people give couture as a surprise gift, wear necklaces worth almost 120 thousand euro, and use plastic surgery as the best accessory.

So this season, we're not shocked that the financial vulgarity has been upped a few notches. Here's a list of some of the maddest things the cast has done with money in the newest episodes.

Crazy cosmetic work

It wouldn't come as a shock to anybody to learn that Kane Lim, as RuPaul would say, has been "touched by an angel". The guy openly goes to have some work done with his friend Kelly Mi Li this season and admits that he loves a bit of filler.

However, what we were not expecting was a procedure during which a doctor threaded his nostrils so as to achieve a "lift" on the bridge of his nose.

Now, we're not sure exactly what it entails, but the sight of Kane dangling nose first from some string that a doctor was shaking to achieve "the look", was quite shocking.

A pet choosing party

Christine Chiu's son, whose name is Baby G, had apparently been lonely for some time, especially, we can assume, since he has no siblings. She claims he had been talking to stuffed animals and cars about it. So Christine concocted the perfect plan.

She threw him a pet choosing party, duh! The premise? She brought a tonne of animals over to her house, including a tortoise, bunnies, shetland ponies, llamas, and ducks. And obviously she invited some human guests too.

She figured it would help Baby G, a toddler, decide which animal he'd most like as a pet. Party attendee and new cast member Dorothy Wang chimes in "Is she really going to buy him a llama?" she speculates, "just get the boy a dog and call it a day".

Alternative therapy

Kelly Mi Li bravely and openly shared her journey through couple's therapy in season one. So in season two, when we see her working on herself with the help of a professional once again, we're thinking all the more power to her.

However, when a woman stops by her home to help her reclaim her femininity and sensuality, we were shocked to see them in her garden with their bare arses to the sun.

The woman encourages her to let her butt soak up all the sun's energy and rays. Look, whatever works for people.

A banana toy

For people that are dripping in diamonds and designer everything, we find it surprising that they too fall prey to the kind of novelty sh*te one might see in a souvenir shop along the strip on holiday.

Of course, some of the cast spent money on fancy houses and sported brand new, fancy cars too. But that stuff is boring. Truly, who knows what anybody would do with that much money though. We may all end up healing ourselves via our bottoms.

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