If only all interviews ended with someone appearing in a doorway and terrifying your guests, they'd all be as interesting as this.

Richard Arnold from GMB was sent to interview the cast of Stranger Things, specifically Millie Bobby Brown AKA Eleven and Noah Schnapp AKA Will Byers. Clearly taking a page out of Ellen, the interview ended with a jump-scare - but it's the young lad's reaction to it that makes it priceless.

Take a look.

Yes, he was playing a Rubik's cube the entire time and barely flinched. In fairness, it wasn't him being rude - he was apparently given the Rubik's cube to try and solve it before the end of the interview. Not only that, it looked like he'd more or less got it solved too, and then Eleven and a grown man screaming just broke his concentration.

Rude, like.


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