With just a week away from release, more and more information is making its way out about 'WandaVision'.

The new Disney+ series has been more or less shrouded in mystery for the past few months, with a few cryptic teasers and trailers making their way online. In fact, it was confirmed only earlier this week that the miniseries will have nine episodes, with each episode coming with its own unique theme song.

Just last night, it was also confirmed that the series will premiere with two episodes back-to-back, before debuting a new episode every week afterwards going up to March 5th.

It won't be that long after that for another Marvel show to hit Disney+, when 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' will arrive on March 19th, with 'Loki' arriving some time in May. As of yet, no exact date beyond the month has been set for that series.

All of this comes as audiences await news on when 'Black Widow' will receive a cinema release, with rumours swirling that a Disney+ release may eventually take place. So far, 'Black Widow' is set for a release in May, pushing it back an entire year in the process.

'WandaVision' lands on Disney+ from January 15th and we'll have a review of the opening two episodes then.

For now, here's the latest trailer.