If you've been watching 'WandaVision', odds are the latest episode has brought you fully up to speed with what's going on.

If not, well, you're probably best not to watch this new trailer that Disney+ uploaded earlier in the weekend. In a nutshell, it brings the whole series up to date and, key point here, teases what's coming ahead in the remaining episodes.

As we previously mentioned, each episode zips through different decades of sitcoms, including up to the present where you've got mockumentary-style sitcoms like 'Modern Family' and 'The US Office'.

Take a look.

So, if you did happen to watch this week's episode of 'WandaVision', odds are this trailer makes a whole lot more sense. To recap, this week's episode was the first so far in the series that's set outside Wanda's fantasy land, which is now being referred to as the "Westview Anomaly".

As many people - ourselves included - correctly theorised, the whole TV sitcom thing is basically Wanda using her powers to warp the fabric of reality around a small town in New Jersey where everything looks like it's a TV show - right down to the inhabitants of the town being characters in her TV show.

In other words, every character in Wanda's TV show is having their brainwashed by her, and more poignantly, Wanda has brought Vision back from the dead. That explains that creepy moment when we see half of Vision's head missing while he asks Wanda what's wrong.

With five episodes left in the series, it's only going to get weirder.