And so, here we are, preparing ourselves for the 'WandaVision' finale - and so are all of the MCU fans.

After nearly eight weeks of taking over our lives (two episodes were released the first week), the 'WandaVision' finale is upon us. Tomorrow will be the last time we'll all tune into Disney+ eager to find out if all of our nagging questions are answered. Hopefully they'll all be solved by the end... right?

The season has been a rollercoaster for Marvel fans, with a number of pivotal happenings. From Wanda giving birth to twins, to her brother Pietro coming back to life (in the form of a guy who played him in a different franchise), to Agnes being Agatha all along (and one hell of a bop to go along with her reveal), to Monica Rambeau getting superpowers, and last week's trip down memory lane for Wanda as we finally got to know her full backstory.

So, what's to come in the finale? We could wildly speculate, but honestly we don't know for sure. As we've seen throughout the series, anything can happen. One thing we hope though, is that Agatha isn't banished for good. Kathryn Hahn is just too good to let go from the MCU.

Here's some of the reaction fans have been sharing ahead of the #WandaVisionFinale on Twitter.

We don't really know what will happen in tomorrow's episode, but one thing we know for certain is that it will set up 'Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness'. So, maybe we should expect at least one post-credits scene... featuring the Sorcerer Supreme?

There's also that tease that we can't help but remind ourselves of, which Paul Bettany teased in an interview.

The 'WandaVision' finale hits Disney+ tomorrow, March 5.