Alyson Court has decided to step down from her voice role in the '90s animation series to make room for a "talented young Asian actor".

One key voice actor from the original 'X-Men' animated series will not be returning to their character for the revival.

Alyson Court, who voiced the sparky teenager that always manages to get herself into trouble, Jubilee, has said she won't return as the voice of the mutant. Court wishes the part to go to an Asian actor instead, which in turn will celebrate the ethnicity of the character.

Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee was originally introduced in the 'The Uncanny X-Men' issue number 244 in 1989 and went on to become a fan favourite with her debut on TV screens in the early '90s TV series.

Originally tweeting in June of last year that she would "not voice Jubilee" should there be a 'X-Men' animated series revival, the recent news about 'X-Men '97' has cemented her stance on giving up her role.

She said: "I appreciate the support but I'm 48, have a son the age I was when I first voiced Jubilee. Would love to hear a new young talent bring her voice forward for this. I may still be immature, irresponsible and young at heart, but I think Jubilee deserves a new energy boost."

When the new Disney+ series was announced, Court retweeted the news story with the caption: "Ready for some fireworks?"

Confusing fans somewhat, it is believed that the voice actor would return to the X-Men animation, but as a different character.

In terms of the animation and character design for 'X-Men '97', Amelia Vidal will be the Lead Character Designer. Vidal previously did marvellous work on series one of 'What If...?' for Disney+ this year, but she'll now focus on bringing one of our favourite '90s cartoons to life in a new era. You can watch a video showcasing her artwork of the X-Men crew here.

'X-Men '97' is due for release on Disney+ in 2023. All five seasons of the 'X-Men' animated series can be streamed on Disney+.