'Tron: Legacy', if nothing else, is one of those movies that its ambitions were way ahead of its reach.

It was one of the first movies to attempt digital de-aging with Jeff Bridges, it had Daft Punk's soundtrack, and it looked absolutely gorgeous. While the story and script might have been wanting somewhat, there was a lot to like about it. In the years since its release, it's built up a committed fandom that's been hankering for another movie.

At long last, it seems like Disney+ might be the way forward. Disney Music executive Mitchell Leib described in a recent interview with the Light The Fuse podcast how the streaming service might be able to bring 'Tron 3' to life. Among other things, Leib confirmed that conversations are already underway with Daft Punk's management to bring them back for the threequel - if it happens.

"We've got a great script, I mean a really phenomenal script that we're very excited about," Leib added. "Whereas the timing wasn't right to have done it years ago, I think we feel like the timing is right now, and I feel like we've learned a lot of lessons from that last movie."

The other step in making 'Tron 3' happen is, of course, bringing back the director of 'Tron: Legacy'. Currently, Joseph Kosinski is working on the post-production for 'Top Gun: Maverick', which means he could potentially be free to take part in 'Tron 3'.

The only question is whether or not he'd still be interested, and if so, would it work as a TV series or as a movie?