A new anthology series has been greenlit at Apple Studios, with the 'Spider-Man' actor attached to star in and executive produce.

Anthology series are becoming more and more apparent recently, with Netflix and Amazon Prime adding more titles in the genre to their arsenal over the past year alone. Now Apple TV+ is also joining the fray with a new Tom Holland anthology.

Entitled 'The Crowded Room', the series is expected to explore real-life stories based on some exceptional people with each new season. In the first series, Holland will play the role of Billy Milligan, a man who became the first person to be acquitted for a crime, due to him having a multiple personality disorder.

The 10-part series with Holland and his dissociative identity disorder is inspired by Daniel Keyes' biography 'The Minds of Billy Milligan'. The book was written in 1981, and follows the story of Milligan, who, after spending 10 years in psychiatric hospitals, was eventually released in 1988.

The Tom Holland anthology will mark the actor's first return to the small screen since picking up the Spider-Man mantle for Marvel and Sony. Since then, he's gone on to become a household name due to his wall-climbing abilities. His recent lead role in 'Cherry' was his first appearance on the Apple subscription service.

'The Crowded Room' is being created by Akiva Goldsman ('A Beautiful Mind'), who will write and executive produce the first series. Holland is also signed on as an executive producer, which is his first non-acting role in Hollywood.

Next time we'll see the actor in action will be in Sony's 'Uncharted' video-game adaptation, set for release this summer. He'll also lead 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' and its rumoured all-star cast this winter.