Apple TV+ have acquired the rights to 'Finch', the latest movie to star Tom Hanks.

The on demand service is making good headway in the streaming race. Apple previously acquired World War II drama 'Greyhound', also starring Tom Hanks, which was their most watched film.

They'll also premiere the next movie from Martin Scorsese, 'Killers of the Flower Moon'.

Originally titled 'Bios', 'Finch' sees Tom Hanks play the eponymous character, who is an engineer living in a bunker for a decade following an apocalyptic solar event that has turned the world into a wasteland.

Finch forms a bond with his dog, Goodyear, and a robot that he builds to look after Goodyear when he no longer can.

The unlikely family sets out on a dangerous journey across the American West as Finch attempts to show his robot what it means to be alive.

Now doesn't that sound like the type of feel-good movie we know Tom Hanks can pull off with ease?

Aside from the two-time Oscar winner, Samira Wiley, Skeet Ulrich, and Laura Harrier co-star with Caleb Landry Jones playing the "motion-capture" role of the robot.

'Game of Thrones' helmer Miguel Sapochnik directs.

'Finch' is expected to be released on Apple TV+ later this year.