Although Netflix hasn't confirmed or denied it, a new episode of 'Tiger King' is apparently making its way online next week.

What's more, it was none other than Jeff Lowe who let the cat out of the bag (geddit?!) in a video that's been doing the rounds on social media since yesterday evening.

Per Lowe's video, Netflix were filming at the GW Zoo in Oklahoma earlier this week, with a new episode landing on the streaming service next week. Lowe took over the running of the GW Zoo from Joe Exotic and began running it himself, which is still open to this day.

Here's the video.

This news comes as Netflix posted an interview with Joe Exotic from prison, which was conducted from a visitor's booth via some pretty dodgy methods of recording. Currently, Joe Exotic is a year and a half into a twenty-two year sentence for murder-for-hire against Carole Baskin.

Yet, in his interview, Exotic - real name Joe Moldanado-Passage, né Schreibvogel - said that he was ready to put the 'Carole Baskin saga' behind him and move on. He also admitted that he felt shame for how he treated his animals. "When I left the zoo and I sent my chimpanzees to the sanctuary in Florida and imagined what my chimpanzees went through for 18 years, I'm ashamed of myself."

'Tiger King' is available on Netflix now.