With the popularity of 'Tiger King' on Netflix (heck, even Joe Biden has seen it), it's no wonder it's the latest to get an "Honest Trailer".

For those unfamiliar with the format, "Honest Trailers" come from the Screen Junkies Youtube channel.

The idea behind them is they're brutally honest and unlike other misleading movie trailers, tell you straight what to expect. They're also very, very funny.

This latest goes into the timeliness of the documentary series and doesn't shy away from the violence and animal cruelty in the show.

It pokes fun at the way the big cat owners talk about the animals as "sexy"; how there's a trend of these zoo owners being polygamists; how the animal stuff is just a means to launch their media career; the amount of time meat is mentioned; how Carole Baskin probably did do that thing which she insists she didn't do; and how payback from the animals against the zoo owners regularly features.

Watch the honest trailer for 'Tiger King' here:


Speaking of cats, here's the honest trailer for last year's movie musical bomb starring Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Idris Elba and a host of others.

It dropped last week and is also pretty brilliant.


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