'The Witcher' is one of Netflix's most watched shows ever. Because Netflix changed the way they assess viewing figures, Honest Trailers readily points out. Still the fantasy action series has inspired a major following.

Henry Cavill stars as the titular Witcher, aka Geralt of Rivia, and his character does a lot of grunting and sighing - another fact Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies on Youtube takes aim at.

They admit the show tried to be the next 'Game of Thrones' but would up being more 'Xena: Warrior Princess'. But is anyone complaining? These guys certainly aren't.

There's also much acknowledgement of how much fun the bard Dandelion is in the series. And how damn catchy is his song 'Pass a coin to your Witcher'? (also never noticed how much they say 'coin' in the show until this spoof points it out)

Watch the trailer below.

Season one is available to stream on Netflix now.

Season two is in the works and is set to include a fan favourite from 'Game of Thrones'.