"We can firmly say that 'The Wheel of Time' was the most watched series premiere of the year and one of the top five series launches of all time for Prime Video," Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke told Deadline.

According to Salke there were "tens and tens of millions of streams" for 'The Wheel Of Time' in the first three days of its release. The US, India, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany were the top viewing countries.

Salke added that the series also registered some of the strongest episode completion rates in its debut three-episode release.

Prime does not reveal its viewership data, however, they claim they will "try to figure out how transparent we are going to be in the future" with ratings.

A second season was greenlit before the first aired, after heavy initial investment from the streamer. Salke admitted, however, that "it’s definitely trending to exceed our expectations which were high."

It comes as encouraging news for the show. The original book series includes a total of fourteen novels. Fans will hope there is enough longevity in the series to tell its full story and beyond.

Amazon is continuing to add to its impressive portfolio. On the back of the success of 'The Boys' and now 'The Wheel of Time', the streamer looks forward to its much anticipated 'The Lord of the Rings' adaptation.

It also hopes to wrap up a deal to develop a 'Mass Effect' series based off the popular games. Sci-Fi and Fantasy are clearly genres in which it's looking to exploit.

'The Wheel of Time' continues to release episodes of its first season weekly. The finale will air on December 24.