Ah, the utter madness that is 'Tiger King'.

Today sees the release of 'The Tiger King and I', an after-show that Netflix put together to catch up with various faces from the documentary, bar the two that matter - Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

Baskin, as previously reported, has felt "betrayed" by the documentary makers, while Joe Exotic has launched a $94 million lawsuit against Netflix. Needless to say, those interviewed for 'The Tiger King and I' were pretty final about how they feel about the whole experience of GW Zoo.

Rick Kirkham, the TV producer who worked with Joe and was featured in 'The Tiger King and I', said that Joe Exotic will never make it out of prison alive. "I don’t think he’ll be able to stand it. Even if he got out with good behaviour in 10, 12 years, he won’t live that long," Kirkham said.

"I tell you what’s really eating him up is people like me, who are getting so much attention instead of him. He’s not getting any of the money that is coming out, he doesn’t get any of the accolades, he doesn’t get any of the opportunities, he doesn’t get anything except three meals a day."

Kirkham wasn't the only person who was ambivalent, to say the least, about Joe Exotic getting out of prison. Erik Cowie, who was the GW Zoo's Head Zookeeper, was just as adamant as Kirkham that Joe Exotic will die in prison, and that he shoudn't be released. "No, no, but f*ck no," said Cowie. "Twenty-two years doing federal time – that guy’s gonna die in there. Good riddance."

'The Tiger King and I' is available now on Netflix.