Seeing as we've got no new episodes of 'The Mandalorian' to review this week, this here is your weekly dose of Mando content.

One of the key players in the show's success has undoubtedly been composer Ludwig Goransson, whose blend of orchestra and synth has really made something special. Of course, it's the show's opening theme - all space western vibes - that started it all.

This YouTube video by Steve Beers is set to that very piece of music, admitting that while it doesn't have anything to do with Christmas, it's just good a piece of music. "I really liked this theme song and wanted to do something that brought a smile to people's faces," Beers said in the comments of his video.

For those asking as well, the electricity bill is apparently not that terrible.  "The whole show is on a smart plug that turns on right before the show starts and turns off after it's done. Everything is LED lighting. It increases the bill a few dollars, but the Christmas Tree in the house pulls more electricity than this show does."

Take a look.