In case you were in any doubt if the second season of 'The Boys' was going to ease off, the answer is absolutely not.

In fact, if this two-minute trailer is anything to go by, it's actually gotten worse somehow.

Whereas the first season was weird enough in having laser-eye babies used as weapons, the second season features the likes of Homelander pushing a child off a house, squishing someone's head with one hand, breast milk drinking, and the potential for dropping the c-word into every line of dialogue from Karl Urban.

The second season picks up directly from the first, with Vought Industries - the faceless mega-corporation managing all the superheroes - cashing in on the panic surrounding the 'Supervillain Threat', while a new hero - Stormfront - begins to unsettle and disturbed an already unsettled and disturbed Homelander.

'The Boys' returns to Prime Video on September 4th. Here's the trailer.