Karen Fukuhara will lead Tomer Capone in their own musical interlude during one of the new season's episodes.

Just in case you thought the series couldn't get any weirder, crazier or *insert expletive here*, 'The Boys' season three will feature a musical number that'll shine a light on two of the secondary characters of the series.

In an interview with EW, Karen Fukuhara, who plays Kimiko in the live-action take on the comics of the same name, the star tells of her "dream" experience on the set of the new season. Fukuhara confirms that Kimiko AKA The Female is getting a full-on musical with Tomer Capone's character Frenchie, in order to see if one can have fun without all of the killings and running away. Given that her character has been a mostly silent performance thus far, it'll be quite the spectacle to see her lead a musical moment for the all-out superhero action/comedy.

She said: "I was standing in the middle of the set as, essentially, the lead character. I never thought my dream would come to life."

According to the star, season three of 'The Boys' will begin with a time jump forward to a year in the future. This allows viewers to see what Kimiko has been getting up to, especially with her new pal Frenchie: "She is finally able to go out and discover what her likes, dislikes, hobbies are. Who is she at the core as a normal girl?

"You'll see in season three what she chose to do in the past year or so, getting a taste test of what life is like to be normal. It's fantastic for her. She doesn't have to just be about killing and violence."

For Frenchie, it's up to him to show his friend all of the little things she's been missing out on in life, including musicals. Tomer Capone says of him embracing 'The Boys' musical number: "In my private life I do love to move and express my rhythm, but I'm not sure you can call it dancing. But if it's in the script, I'll go for it.

"'Dancing With the Stars' ain't got sh*t on us."

According to showrunner Eric Kripke, he's been wanting to pull off a musical interlude since season two, which seems fitting in a series full of whale boating accidents, superheroes with nut allergies, and endless amounts of gore, bad language and truly messed up characters (Homelander).

'The Boys' season three begins with a three-episode premiere on Prime Video on June 3.

Via Entertainment Weekly.