Hello, Wisconsin! We're fast-forwarding two decades from the last (official) time we caught up with the Formans, all the way to the mid-90s in 'That '90s Show', the Netflix revival/sequel series.

We know there's a lot of anticipation for this return to the Forman's basement, considering the huge following that the original 'That '70s Show' had in its heyday. But will the groovy '70s vibes from the original translate into a rad and way cool '90s edition that lives up to the hype? Let's find out...

Here's everything we know about 'That '90s Show' on Netflix so far.

So, Who's Returning?

Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are leading the cast as Red and Kitty Forman, two of the most recognisable parents we've ever seen on our TV screens. The bad-cop/good-cop duo are expected to be the linchpins of the series, welcoming their grandchildren to their house for the summer.

Grandchildren? So, that must mean Eric and Donna are back to Point Place? Yep, it was announced very recently that most of the original cast will reprise their roles, albeit in guest form. Topher Grace will be back in all of his awkward Eric glory - so get ready for plenty of backhanded quips from Red ("dumbass") to head his way.

Laura Prepon will also return as his wife, Donna, the pair rekindling their relationship during the final, 200th, episode of the series. Eric famously departed for Africa at the end of season seven (Topher Grace wanted to pursue a film career), meaning he only re-appeared during the season finale of season eight. Have the pair been living happily ever after since then?

Three other core members of the cast are also set to reprise their roles - Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valderrama. Kelso, Jackie and Fez round out the returning cast list as far as we're aware, but we're sure there might be some more surprises included in the sequel series. Christina Moore played Eric's sister Laurie during season six, while Don Stark famously played the Forman's bald but permed neighbour Bob Pinciotti.

Danny Masterson, who played Hyde, will not be returning to the series as he is preparing to stand on trial for multiple sexual assault allegations.

Who Will The New Teen Cast Members Be?

With the original cast now supposed to be 20 years older, we're going to need some fresh meat joining the cast. And so, the young cast members taking the places of the original line-up are made up of mostly unknown actors. Will we get another take on the infamous circle?

Leia, Eric and Donna's daughter, will be played by Callie Hope Haverda and will be the lead teenage cast member as she gets to grips with living with her grandparents for a summer. She's described as being: "Smart like her mom, snarky like her dad, Leia is craving adventure. She’s just not quite sure where or how to start. Until she discovers a best friend in the most unlikely of places: next door to her grandparent's house in Point Place." We reckon Red's got a new target for his "dumbass" quips...

Ashley Aufderheide ('Emergence') stars as Gwen, the Forman's next-door neighbour, described as a "Riot Grrrl". She's: "Equal parts loyalty, rebellion and heart, Gwen is a dynamic powerhouse and the unofficial leader of the new generation of Point Place kids. Love Gwen. Fear her. Follow her."

Maxwell Acee Donovan is Nate, Gwen's brother, who is billed as "the polar opposite of his little sister". Oh, and he's a big Garth Brooks fan: "Nate takes life as it comes, usually with a big open smile. He lets the gang ride in his van because there’s always something fun on the other side of the drive. He loves his family, his girlfriend and Garth Brooks."

Next up is Mace Coronel ('Colin in Black & White') as Jay, who seems to be taking a leaf or two out of Kelso's handbook. He is: "Charming and flirty – at least, he tries. It doesn’t always come out right. When he’s not hanging out with his best friend Nate or working at the local video store, he’s armed with a video camera and the whole world is his film set."

Sam Morelos stars as Nikki, Nate's girlfriend. She's described as being "Focused, smart, and driven. From the outside, you could easily see her becoming a doctor or a lawyer. But inside, she has more rebellion than a frustrated debutante and her boyfriend Nate can scratch that itch."

Finally, there's Reyn Doi ('Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar') as Ozzie, who has "perspective beyond his years". He’s billed as being: "Insightful, sarcastic, gay and impatient with the world for not being as accepting as his friends."

What's The Plot This Time Around?

The season is set in the mid-90s during the summer of 1995, a time when 'Batman Forever' and Disney’s 'Pocahontas' were hitting cinema screens and we were all bopping away to TLC's 'Waterfalls'. We're expecting the kids to want to be dressed head-to-toe in '90s garb like khaki pants, animal prints and oversized sweaters to be very much in.

The beginning of the series will most likely focus on Leia Formanadjusting to her summer life with her grandparents for the summer and attempting to bond with the new generation of Point Place kids. We can probably expect Kitty to dote on Leia, while Red lays down the rules of the house while she's under his overbearing watchful eye.

Is There A Netflix Release Date?

Not yet, but should there be a concrete date set, we'll update this article. As of now, the series has finished filming (in front of a live studio audience), so we expect the sitcom to drop at some point later this year.

Remember when sitcoms used to have 27 episodes or more per season? With 200 episodes throughout its eight-season run, the 'That '70s Show' revival will only be getting 10 new episodes on Netflix.

Keep an eye out for a trailer and Netflix release date announcement in the coming months.