In what is quickly becoming a very, very crowded field, Irish consumers have been bombarded with nearly too much choice when it comes to finding a perfect fit for their on-demand needs.

With Disney+ entering the field very soon, it's high time you looked at your streaming service provider and thought: "Are you the one for me?" Hopefully, our streaming service quiz will remedy that question.

Ireland's number one online service provider is undoubtedly Netflix, but with the likes of Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and Now TV also in the mix - it's time to check which of the big five is the best option for you.

So whether you're new to the game, or are looking for a change of scenery, we hope that our quiz below will help you in choosing your next big late-night, weekend-binging, never-any-judgement, digital best friend.

Take our streaming service quiz to find out which of Ireland's leading on-demand offerings is for you.