Although the new season of Star Trek: Discovery didn't exactly land the way everyone expected, the final scene in the season finale was such that you just have to turn up for the second season to see how it all plays out.

Variety has reported today that Anson Mount, previously of Hell On Wheels and Marvel's Inhumans, has been cast as Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise. Pike is a character who's been in Trek ever since the '60s original series, and was played by Bruce Greenwood in JJ Abrams' rebooted film series.

Speaking after the season finale, producers confirmed that while the Enterprise would play a role in the second season, it was not going to be the central focus - because, well, the show is about Discovery, not Enterprise. The season finale saw the Discovery respond to a distress call from the Enterprise, which at this stage in the timeline would have been under the command of Christopher Pike.

Anson Mount is the first casting announcement for the new season, and although there's no word yet if Kirk or Spock will be involved - likely not, as they're basically teenagers in this current timeline - it shouldn't be surprising if a few other familiar names turn up in the new season.

No official return date has been confirmed for Star Trek: Discovery.


Via Variety