As of today, 'Squid Game' has officially beat 'Bridgerton' to become the biggest series launch on Netflix ever.

'Squid Game' debuted on the streamer last month on September 17th.

Hailing from South Korea, the series centres on a contest where 456 players, all from different walks of life but each deeply in debt, as they play a set of children's games with deadly penalties for losing, and have the chance to win a several million dollar prize.

The reasons for its popularity are manifold. It's gotten positive word of mouth from Netflix subscribers, aside from critical acclaim.

Its highly visual nature has made it an internet sensation and perfect for "memes."

Thus it was only a matter of time before Youtube channel Screen Junkies took note of its success.

They have now released an "honest trailer" of the series.

'Squid Game' is deemed "The Bummer Olympics" and "the most brutal show to work for since 'Ellen'" in the parody video.

The likening of Han Mi-nyeo to "Nic Cage reincarnated as a Korean lady" and Seong Gi-hun as "a stand in for every male TV writer, in that he's a good guy at heart, but a bad dad" (as well as "a lead at standing next to people being killed") are particularly clever.

And yes, they do mention the fact that Cho Sang-Woo went to SNU an awful lot. And yes, the series will also inevitably inspire "some of 2021's easiest group Halloween costumes."

Watch the 'Squid Game' honest trailer below.