'Splash' is among the many titles you wouldn't expect to see on Disney+ which are now on the streaming service. 

Directed by Ron Howard, the 1984 filum follows a young man, played by good aul Tom Hanks, as he falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a mermaid.

Daryl Hannah plays said mermaid, whose name is Madison.

Interestingly, the movie was the first to released by Touchstone Pictures, a film label created by Walt Disney Studios to release films targeted at more adult audiences, in the 80s.

Overall though, 'Splash' is pretty tame with a little cussing and some brief nudity. At the time of its release, it got a PG-rating.

But Disney are determined to not sully their name with even the briefest glimpse of lovely bottoms.

In one scene of the rom com, a naked Daryl Hannah kisses Tom Hanks then runs into the sea.

Her mermaid glamour hair covers most of her rear end, but you still kind of see it.

Not anymore though as Disney has added some very ropey CGI so it is covered entirely.

I means, it's not 'Cats' bad. But it's pretty odd looking, as if her butt has actually grown hair.

See for yourself.