Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Mel Brown have joined Netflix's 'The Circle' for season four and are catfishing the other contestants as 'Jared'.

If you're unfamiliar with the social media based game show, we'll provide a little backstory. Contestants are housed in a huge apartment block for several weeks while competing to gain allies and eliminate fakers on a social media platform called 'The Circle'.

The winner takes home a cash prize of 100 thousand dollars. No rules apply; just like in reality, the contestants can be whoever they want to be online.

Some contestants appear as themselves, exactly as they are. Some include a few white lies. Some even pretend to be a completely different person, photos and all.

In it's original format, the contestants are not celebrities, but over the last few years we've seen some familiar faces join the game.

This year Baby Spice Emma Bunton and Scary Spice Mel B are taking up their 'Circle' residency to trick the other players into believing in their catfish persona 'Jared' — but if the other players figure out it's them, there will be an increase of the cash prize by 50 thousand dollars.

The "VIP guests" move in to their apartment in episode 2 along with Mel B's pink puppy called 'Cookie' (big aw) ready to "spice things up a bit".

They join 'The Circle' when the players who arrived in the first episode select 'Jared' to participate in the game. So, they've essentially assigned these Spice Girls their character 'Jared'.

Who is Jared?

When the duo are assigned their profile, they discover that Jared is a 28-year-old children's author with glasses whom Mel B reckons "doesn't look to be friendly".

They get to decide the rest; they mark his relationship status as single and fill him about section with information based on his photographs.

"Welcome to my fun-filled world. I'm open to new adventures and never take life too seriously. I'm a big animal lover with a soft spot for cheese. I'm quirky and loyal. I hope to one day travel the world with the love of my life."

They also obviously pepper their profile with emojis — essential for perceived friendliness in this game.

We don't know about you, but we're not sure how they're going to pull off the whole catfishing thing. But we will be tuning in weekly to "spice up our lives" (sorry, not sorry).

Catch season four of 'The Circle' on Netflix now.