Despite the wealth of talent involved in 'Space Force' - from a cast that included the likes of Steve Carrell, John Malkovich, and Ben Schwartz, to behind-the-scenes talent like 'The US Office' co-creator Greg Daniels - the show never made any kind of impact.

In fact, what caught most people's attention was all this talent and the resultant show being outrageously mediocre. What was the cause of it, you have to wonder? Was it simply just that lightning can't strike twice? Who knows.

Either way, Netflix is determined to make 'Space Force' and has given the show a second season, but with some changes and caveats. No return date has been confirmed, however THR confirmed that the show is bringing on Norm Hiscock, late of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', who will as a showrunner opposite Greg Daniels.

As well as this, in an attempt to reduce the show's heavy budget, production has been moved out of Los Angeles to Vancouver.

The fact that 'Space Force' is getting a second season despite the negative reviews and general lack of interest in the show is surprising. In the past, Netflix has been pretty merciless with its comedy shows, dropping the axe on shows in their first season with ease. 'The Good Cop', for example, was dropped after a single season, as was 'The Joel McHale Show' and 'Daybreak'.

It could simply be that 'Space Force' is just too big to fail with the names attached, but whatever the reason, it'll need to do better than last season if it hopes to survive.