Less that three months after the first series, we're getting a second dose of the dating show with a difference.

While we enjoyed the first series back in July, we're surprised to see the arrival of the second series so quickly. 'Sexy Beasts' season two hits Netflix next month, meaning there's a fresh batch of singletons who are going to desperately animalistic lengths to find a new beau.

In case you missed season one, each episode sees one "chooser" go on three dates, eventually whittling their potential love match down to just two. They then go on one final date each before they choose who their ultimate match will be. They do all of this whilst wearing incredible make-up and prosthetics, making them look like anything from a fluffy panda to a monstrous devil. At the very end of the date, each person's true identity is revealed - and they're all a big bunch of hotties.

The aim of the game is to let each person's personality shine through, hoping to brush away those superficial ideals that plague the dating scene.

In the new season, which you can see in action below, there's a variety of new species making their 'Sexy Beasts' debut, including a zombie, a parrot and a white rabbit that only your nightmares could conjure up.

Here's the trailer for 'Sexy Beasts' season two.

Narrated by Rob Delaney, 'Sexy Beasts' season two hits Netflix on October 7.