Comparing 'Space Force' to 'The US Office' might sound like comparing garbage to fine dining, but maybe season two of the sitcom will right everything that was wrong first time around?

Season two of 'Space Force' hits Netflix this February, but we're not exactly jumping from the space station in anticipation. Season one proved to be a bit of a mess, more of a slog to get through than anything, not fully utilising the incredible cast of the comedy series. However, that might all be about to change for season two.

Steve Carell and Greg Daniels were the creators of the series, both of whom worked together on one of our favourite sitcoms ever - 'The US Office'. Naturally, expectations were high for the Netflix satire, and with a cast that included Carell, Lisa Kudrow, John Malovich, Ben Schwartz, Jane Lynch and many more, who could blame the anticipation. But judging from Daniels' recent comments, the team learned from their mistakes in the first attempt.

Daniels has promised that season two of 'Space Force' leans much more into the improvisation and comedic aspects more akin to 'The US Office' this time around. The series creator said to Collider that he and Carell have taken out the "cinematic" elements because it "wasn't that much fun to make".

He continued: "The thing that Steve is so brilliant at and was used to from 'The Office' is the ability to kind of improvise with the other actors. Afterwards, we looked at what we had to work with, and we were like, 'Well, the cast is amazing. The cast that we've assembled for 'Space Force', it's a shame to make them just shoot one side and then wait and relight,' as opposed to like having a more flexible shooting pattern where they can play off each other and have fun with it and improvise."

The season two trailer for 'Space Force' was released from Netflix just yesterday. But will it prove to be a far better execution of the ensemble cast? Here's hoping.

Season two of 'Space Force' picks up with General Naird (Carell) and his underdog team having to prove their worth to a new administration while dealing with interpersonal challenges. Will the group come together or fall apart under the pressure...? Space Force is only human after all.

Also starring Tawny Newsome, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, Don Lake and Tim Meadows, the new season hits Netflix on February 18.