Fans of Star Trek who were wondering where they were going to get their fix of 'Star Trek: Discovery' once it begins in the U.S. need wonder no longer as Netflix have announced they are set to be the international host of the show.

It's a bit of a coup for the streaming service which will no doubt see a surge in subscriptions as the devoted 'Star Trek' fanbase worldwide tunes in to see if the new series is up to the standard of the previous ones.

And in terms of spoilers, international fans won't have to worry as the show will be available on Netflix on Mondays after the show airs in the U.S. (the first two episodes will air on CBS and the rest of the season will be available on Sundays exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers in the U.S.)

The date for your diary is Monday September 25th, which will see the show stream exclusively on Netflix everywhere excluding the U.S. and Canada and all new episodes will be available on Netflix weekly on Mondays.

The only bad news comes with the announcement that the 15-episode season will be released in two chapters: The first eight episodes will run from Monday September 25th through Monday November 6th before the season resumes with the second chapter in January 2018.

Originally set to debut in January of this year, the series has been plagued with delays as people behind-the-scenes came and went from the project. Whether all the delays and splitting of the series plays in its favour we guess we'll find out in September.