As much as 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' was a hilarious comedy, there's no denying that there were some moments that veered into some pretty disturbing territory.

Most of all has to be the moment where Rudy Giuliani follows Tutar into her bedroom and, from there, it gets progressively weird. The scene ends, as we all know, with Borat bursting into the room dressed like he's in underwear and reminding Giuliani that Tutar is "only fifteen".

The uproar from the scene was such that Giuliani then called the scene "a complete fabrication" and claimed that he was "never inappropriate" at any point in the interview, even though he leaned back on the bed and appeared to be touching his genitals in full view.

Sacha Baron Cohen recently talked about the scene during Variety's Actors on Actors with Ben Affleck, who - like the rest of us - was baffled it actually happened, and asked if he thought if it went any longer that something terrible might happen.

"I never thought that he was actually going to go into the room with her," Cohen explained. "I mean, I was hoping for the movie they would, but also as a producer and a director, I have an actress there who I need to look after — and protect as well — because we’re putting her in a situation with a powerful man who may or may not have been in this situation beforehand."

Cohen also said that he wasn't aware that Giuliani was lying back in the bed when he ran, simply receiving an instruction over an earpiece to interrupt the scene. "We were really, really scared that it would veer into an even more ugly situation," Cohen admitted, explaining that Giuliani then called the police shortly afterwards while Cohen and Maria Bakalova, who played Tutar, had an escape route planned out of the hotel.

As you do.