Robert Downey Jr. has been a Marvel staple for over 20 years - but his time is as Iron Man is well and truly up, and he's moving onto new ventures. And no, we're not talking about 'Dolittle'.

Making the switch over to Marvel's biggest superhero rivals DC, a new Robert Downey Jr. Netflix series is in development, based around a mythical character who is half-deer, half-boy.

Created by Jeff Lemire, 'Sweet Tooth' follows Gus, who attempts to save the world while also figuring himself out along in the process. The fantasy drama series will see he and his band of other animal-human hybrid friends use their skills to try and conquer such a feat.

Downey Jr. is not believed to have an acting part in the series at the moment - but things could change. The star of 'Iron Man' is instead bring the story to life via his Team Downey production company, and he'll act as executive producer on the series.

The legendary James Brolin, Josh Brolin's father (so he's basically Thanos' and Cable's dad), will be narrating the adventure series. Brolin is best known for his work on the 1979 original 'The Amityville Horror' and starring as John Blane in 1973's 'Westworld'.

Joining James will be child actor Christian Convery ('Beautiful Boy') in the lead role as Gus, while comedian Will Forte ('SNL' and 'The Last Man on Earth'), Nonso Anozie (the devilish Xaro Xhoan Daxos from 'Game of Thrones'), and Adeel Akhtar ('Four Lions' and 'The Big Sick') will also star in the production.

Here's hoping the series fares much better than Team Downey's previous movie venture 'Dolittle', which we'd much rather they had left alone.