Netflix have rolled out a couple of handy new features for each user's profile if you're looking to personalise your account to suit you and your family even better. There's also the possibility of you really pissing some people off too.

You see, the steaming service now allows each profile to remove certain titles from being available on their Netflix account. This might come in handy for parents who wish their children to not see titles above a certain age, while also making sure that your head doesn't have to endure another re-watch of 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Trip' for the 100th time.

Another feature added to each account is the ability to only get access to your profile by using a pin number. So, if you're sick of your freeloading housemate always watching episodes of your favourite TV show without you, now you can put a stop to that. Hopefully it won't lead to an awkward dinner later tonight.

If you're keen to put these new features to the test on your Netflix account, here's how you do it.

First, log in to your Netflix account through your phone, laptop or whichever device you use the service from. Then head to the "More" option in the corner (or depending on what your setup is, click on your profile's avatar). Next, click "Account".

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where your profile is listed in the "Profile & Parental Controls" menu, and choose your profile using the arrow. From here, you can choose "Viewing Restrictions" if you wish to block a certain audience rating from being viewed from your account (for example 18+), or you can type in a specific title to never appear on your account ever again.

If you're looking to set up a pin for your Netflix account, all you have to do is go to the same "Profile & Parental Controls" menu, and choose "Profile Lock". Then you just choose a four-digit pin et voilà - no-one is getting into your account to stream terrible TV shows or movies anymore.