Although 'Power' is coming to an end next year, a spin off series is now in the works.

'Ghost', or to give its full title 'Power Book II: Ghost', will see singer Mary J. Blige take the lead role in what's expected to be the first of several spinoffs from the hit series. Plot details are light on the series, but it's understood that it will pick up after the events of the final season.

While Mary J. Blige is most often known for her singing career, she's built up a steady string of movie and TV roles over the years. She starred in the Oscar-nominated period drama 'Mudbound', as well as Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy'.

The final season of 'Power' will be split into two parts, with the first season airing in the US on August 25th, with the second part then airing in January 2020. It's not yet known when it will arrive on Netflix here in Ireland, but it's likely to be not long after its US airing.

Likewise, it's not yet known if 'Ghost' will be available on Netflix, but given how 'Power' was available exclusively on Netflix here on this side of the Atlantic, it's most likely going to be.