Ever since the new Queer Eye series debuted on Netflix earlier this year, the episode that struck a chord with most people has been the one with middle-aged divorcee Tom Jackson.

The dad and granddad became known for his self-defeating 'You can't fix ugly' quote and his abiding love for his ex-wife, Abby, who agreed to go on a date with him at the end of the episode.

Since then, the saga has played out on social media with Tom revealing that they hadn't gotten back together, then later saying that they had gotten back together and just days after that, revealing that they were engaged.

It all seemed to happen very quickly and with a lot of effort to stir up publicity with tweets like the below, but maybe we're just being overly cynical...

In any case, the pair have now sealed the deal and gotten married for the second time, as Tom shared on Twitter (along with a link to their exclusive interview with Us Weekly.... but we're saying nowt):


In any case, people CANNOT COPE:

Congrats to the happy couple!