Will Ferrell and ageless wonder Paul Rudd are getting back together for a new comedy series on Apple TV+.

'The Shrink Next Door' is based on a strange-but-true story of how a charming psychotherapist managed to ingratiate himself into one of his patient's life and eventually took over the family business and his opulent home.

The story, which is adapted from a podcast of the same name, sees Rudd as the therapist who convinces Will Ferrell to let him take over his family's business. The true-crime podcast was a huge hit in the US, and is just one of several shows now adopted from podcasts.

Plus, if anyone was going to play a character who manages to convince people to sign over their life, it's Paul Rudd. Hell, Paul Rudd could do that in real-life and you'd probably go along with it.

Paul Rudd's been dipping his toe into TV comedies for quite some time, most recently with Netflix's 'Living With Yourself' starring opposite Kildare's own Aisling Bea. Will Ferrell, meanwhile, has dropped in and out of TV comedies throughout the years, but this will be his first lead on a show in quite some time.

Currently, there's no word on when the show will arrive on Apple TV+, but expect to hear more about it in 2021.