"Sometimes if you don't move forward, you die."

'Ozark' season four is about to be split into two parts, with the first half of the final season arriving on Netflix this coming January.

The addictive crime series starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney is getting one (well, two) final outings on Netflix with part one of the new series becoming available on Netflix in the new year, on January 21.

While fans might be disappointed the series is coming to an end, there's a silver lining in all of this as the final season will contain four more episodes than normal. So, we'll have seven episodes available in January followed by the final seven at a later date.

At the end of season three, Wendy (Linney) and Marty (Bateman) realise that the way to win over the leader of the Mexican drug cartel, Navarro (Felix Solis), is to end the cartel war. However, after they are invited to his son's second baptism in Mexico, and suspecting that not everything is as it seems, Navarro ends up executing Helen (Janet McTeer) in a very bloody manner, leaving the series on the ultimate cliffhanger.

Showrunner Chris Mundy teased what could happen in season four to Entertainment Weekly: "If we're lucky enough to get a season four, I think it will be about whether or not Ruth really can create something of her own that she wants and is sustainable, or if she wants something else. And I think it will be about if the Byrdes can turn the biggest mistake of their lives into this huge advantage, and how much will karma catch up with them if they do?"

The first episode of 'Ozark' season four is titled 'The Beginning Of The End'.

Here's the teaser trailer for the return of the series.

'Ozark' season four, part one will be available on Netflix from January 21, 2022.