Olivia Colman returns to the role of Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Crown' season 4. Joining her for the new seasons are two highly anticipated cast additions - Emma Corrin as Diana Spencer and Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.

The Oscar-winning actress kicks off her interview with the former by commenting on how rubbish the questions she's been given are. Then she realises the one who wrote them is there is the room. Well, you can't blame Olivia Colman for being honest.

She also manages to drop a couple of F-bombs during the interview in typical Colman style.

She and Emma Corrin talk about games they played on set; working with Anderson; watching 'Naked Attraction'; and how Corrin learned about landing the role of Diana. Aside from that, there's just general mucking about, and tangents on subjects, like octopuses.

It is just the sweetest interview between the stars of 'The Crown'; and should get you even more psyched for the new episodes, which are dropping on Netflix this Sunday, November 15th.