Jar Jar Binks. Say that name to the wrong 'Star Wars' fan, and you might hear the sound of them screaming in horror as their blocked memories of the Gungan come flooding back.

The character, who made his first appearance in 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace', is often regarded as the most hated character of the 'Star Wars' franchise. Not only that, but Jar Jar Binks has been embroiled in plenty of fan theory in the past - the most memorable being that he had become an evil Sith Lord following his appearances in the movies. For fans of the Gungan from Naboo, the rumour that the character would be appearing in Obi-Wan Kenobi's Disney+ series has been quashed too, unfortunately. Or at least the actor who played him hasn't been asked to return.

Ahmed Best, who played the high-energy Jar Jar Binks in the series, was asked in an interview recently if he would be making a cameo appearance in the series that is in development over at Disney. Asked if the rumours were true, Best said:  "Not as far as I know, no. The thing about what I did as Jar Jar as motion-capture is, you know, Lucasfilm still has all of that data, so they could put him in whatever they want to put him in.

"It'll move like me, they don't actually need me for that, but if there was a rumour that I would be Jar Jar in 'Obi-Wan', that there's no truth to that. I haven't been asked."

When asked if he would ever return to the character however, the motion-capture expert said what we were all thinking: "To be completely honest, I think Jar Jar is something that Lucasfilm is trying to move away from. I am not gonna hold my breath for a Jar Jar cameo in 'Obi-Wan'. But you know, who knows..."

You can watch the full interview with Ahmed Best below.

Maybe we'll see Jar Jar Binks get his own Disney+ adventure series down the line, once everyone's memory of 'The Phantom Menace' has faded away?  Nope, didn't think so either.

For the moment, Obi-Wan's Disney+ series has been put on the long finger over at Lucasfilm, and the live-action show won't release until 2022.