A new teaser trailer for 'Stranger Things' season four has fallen from the skies and into our laps - it doesn't reveal too much, but it's all we've got for now.

Season four of 'Stranger Things' released a snippet that shocked us to the core recently... Hopper is back. He's definitely back, but where that is, we have no idea.

From the brief glimpses we've seen so far, we can surmise that the next season of 'Stranger Things' will take the action out of Hawkins, and onto the road. The teens have grown quite a bit since they first started out in season one, so it makes sense that they spread their wings and see more of what Indiana and the other US states have to offer.

Now in the freshly released teaser from Netflix, we catch moments of when the cast members are reunited with each-other. We see all of the young cast of Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and Sadie Sink show their joy at seeing their friends once again, as the cast prepares to sit down for their first table read. Of course, Winona Ryder, Joe Keery, David Harbour, and the return of Brett Gelman are also on the cards. We also catch the briefest of glimpses of Priah Ferguson, who played scene-stealing Erica Sinclair from season three.

Here's the teaser for you.

According to rumours, the upcoming season of 'Stranger Things' is to be its last. Although yet to be confirmed by Netflix, the series might be split into two separate parts, with one half launching later this year, and the other in 2021.

However, expect more concrete information to come.