'Dead to Me' was undoubtedly one of Netflix's best shows this year so thankfully the streaming service has renewed it for another season.

The Liz Feldman comedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini follows two women who form a friendship after meeting at a grief support group. This show takes on so many twists and turns but also is a fantastic portrayal of a completely unfiltered female friendship as well as the darkly comic nature of grief.

Feldman ('2 Broke Girls', 'One Big Happy') will return as showrunner and executive producer on season two of 'Dead to Me'. Stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will also of course be returning to the series as Jen (Appelgate) and Judy (Cardellini).

Season one spoilers below.*

The show finished up on quite the cliffhanger with Jen shooting Judy's ex Steve (James Marsden). This all happened as Judy was on the verge of killing herself after Jen found out it was Judy that was responsible for the hit and run that killed her husband. How are our ladies going to get out of this one? Who knows, but there will most definitely be wine involved.

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