Netflix has teased its newest TV series arrival for the new year, and it looks pretty decent.

'Tribes of Europa' is set to be Netflix's next big sci-fi series, set in a dystopian future. The year is 2074, and Europe has been left as a wasteland of sorts, with various micro-sates across the continent being the only ones remaining.

The German-made series, from the same creator of Netflix's mind-bending 'Dark', Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann, will premiere this February. There are believed to be six episodes in the season. And it looks quite good from what we can see - so let's hope Netflix doesn't cancel it after one season.

Up and coming teen actors Henriette Confurius, Emilio Sakraya, and David Ali Rashed will play the central role of three siblings caught up in this post-apocalyptic new war that rages across Europe. James Falkner, who played Randyll Tarly in 'Game of Thrones' also features as General Francis F. Cameron. Iranian actor Melika Foroutan will also play a central role as Varvara. 

Here's the synopsis for 'The Tribes of Europa':

2074. After a mysterious global catastrophe, what remains of Europe is fractured into countless micro-states with several so-called "Tribes" fighting for dominance over the continent. This is the post-apocalyptic, adventurous saga of three siblings who are forced to set out to change the fate of this new Europa.

'Tribes of Europa' arrives on Netflix February 19.