With the first five seasons of the hit comedy series on Netflix for the past number of months, it's about time we challenged your memory.

Created by Justin Spitzer, who worked as a writer on 'The US Office' and 'Grounded For Life', 'Superstore' has quickly become a firm Netflix favourite over here ever since arriving in January.

The sitcom wasn't picked up for broadcast over this side of the Atlantic, meaning Netflix has offered us our first look at a show which has been running since 2015 with NBC.

Currently in its sixth season, the series follows a "family" of work colleagues who work together in a fictional US department store, Cloud 9. Touching on subjects like Black Friday, gun control, physical work relationships, and even the loss of a co-worker, 'Superstore' offers up trivial matters with a good dousing of humour.

Starring America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, and Mark McKinney, the first five seasons are currently available to watch on Netflix. Hopefully season six will arrive in the coming months.

If you've been streaming the series recently, you should ace this - but you better be quick, as you only have 60 seconds to complete our 'Superstore' quiz.