Netflix have only gone and lifted our hearts today by revealing the first pictures of Steve Carell's new comedy series 'Space Force'.

In the 'Space Force' first look, we can see that 'Friends' alum Lisa Kudrow has joined the all-star cast, which already included Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Swartz, and Diana Silvers. Kudrow is a surprise inclusion in the series, but one that we are looking forward to seeing on the screen again. Carell wasn't known to have played a part in the series either, which is an even bigger surprise for fans of 'The Office US'.

The premise of Netflix's new comedy series is based on real-life US President Donald Trump's team of space military (whose logo bears a striking resemblance to the Starfleet Command from 'Star Trek'). Carell created the comedy series with 'The Office US' colleague Greg Daniels, which is set up to be a satirical look at the president's military space force.

Oh, and the series lands on Netflix next month, and May 29. Happy space days.

Here's the 'Space Force' first look for you below in a tweet from Netflix - expect a trailer for the series in the coming weeks.