After the scorching success of the New York Time/Hulu documentary, Netflix is on the scene with their own in-depth Britney hit.

According to publications, a Netflix and Britney Spears documentary film is in the works. But, will it be a case of one arriving too late to the party? Potentially.

Hulu's 'Framing Britney Spears', which is available in Ireland from today on Sky Documentaries and NOW TV, tore up the internet when it was released at the beginning of February.

Focussing on Britney Spears' rise to stardom from a young age, it documents various media interviews whereby she as asked inappropriate questions. In today's society, interviewers would not get away with asking those types of questions to a young performer.

The documentary also highlights when the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears was ordered in 2008, and how it has affected the pop stars life ever since.

In terms of the Netflix and Britney Spears documentary which is in the works, the jury is out on whether the streaming service can provide more of an insight into the life of Britney Spears that the Hulu doc failed to bring forward. We're sure they will be able to find a way, and that it'll be a success either way.

Netflix documentaries are generally their strongest-performing genre on the streaming platform, and with director Erin Lee Carr in the driving seat, more stories and interviews regarding the pop star will likely be unearthed. Carr previously helmed Netflix's 'How To Fix A Drug Scandal' and an episode of their 'Dirty Money' docuseries.

It is believed that the Netflix Britney Spears documentary was already underway before 'Framing Britney Spears' was released. Expect more details regarding the project over the coming months. Spears herself is also rumoured to be in the process of making her own documentary film.