We've all been there - you start to watch a particular TV series or movie on Netflix, but you just can't find yourself loving it even though it's been recommended to you 1,000 different times? Well, now you can clean up the titles which never really floated your boat.

Netflix has finally added a feature to get rid of those unwanted titles from your Continue Watching list, a feature which is very much long overdue (and feels so great to implement - bye bye that one episode of 'Grace and Frankie' this author struggled through).

So, if you're feeling like your Netflix account needs some summer cleaning, here's how you can get rid of those titles you never want to see again.

First, you're going to have to use the Netflix app from your phone - Android users have had the feature for a few days, while iOS users have only just had the feature added this week. Unfortunately, the feature doesn't yet work on desktop or on your Smart TV.

All you have to do then is scroll down to your Continue Watching list, and click the three dots next to the title you want to get rid of. At the bottom of the list you'll see "Remove from row" - et voila - it's gone.

So, no more is there a need to groan as you turn off 'The Irishman' because it's far too long and you know damn well that you'll never be returning to it in the future - just give it the boot.

And if you were looking for some new titles, here's some oldies but goodies that just got added today.