There's a brand new Netflix series on the horizon which we think is tipped to be one of the biggest series of 2021.

Based on the best-selling book by Sarah Pinborough, 'Behind Her Eyes' the series was written by Steve Lightfoot. Lightfoot is known for bringing 'The Punisher' to life for Netflix, as well as 'Narcos' and 'Hannibal'. And believe us when we say, this new series is a must-watch.

So, what's it all about?

The series kicks off with us meeting single mother of one, Louise, who is getting ready for a night out on London town. Unfortunately, she gets stood up by her friend, but quickly forgets this annoyance as she encounters the charming David. The pair part ways after a brief kiss, and fast-forward to work, she meets her newly-hired psychiatrist boss - yep, you guessed it, it's David.

David is married, and the colleagues must try and put their chance encounter behind them in order to continue working together professionally. Another random encounter sees Louise bump into David's wife Adele on the street, and the pair begin a friendly relationship of sorts - unknown to David. However, the mother-of-one begins to realise that Adele does not appear to be a very stable person, and through a backstory, the viewer begins to see that Adele has a troubled past.

Louise, who suffers from sleep paralysis, begins to fear that something doesn't quite add up between this married couple - and she's in desperate need of some help with her sleep.

simona-brownSimona Brown stars as Louise

Who's in it?

Simona Brown, who previously appeared in 'The Night Manager' and 'The Casual Vacany', leads the cast here in her role as Louise. The character, as mentioned above, struggles with sleep paralysis and nightmares. Will these chance encounters with this new couple help or hinder her sleeping problem?

Irish actor Eve Hewson, the daughter of Bono and Ali Hewson, plays the role of Adele, David's adoring yet troubled wife. Hewson has had a number of roles in TV series and movies in the past, such as 'The Luminaries' and 'Robin Hood', but this is her first role as a main character in a TV series.

The two male leads of the series are played by Tom Bateman and Rob Aramayo. Bateman, known for playing Tom Beecham in 'Beecham House', is David, the new psychiatrist. He struggles with keeping tabs on his apparently unstable wife, and with keeping his feelings for new colleague Louise at bay. Aramayo, who played a young Ned Stark in 'Game of Thrones', stars as Rob, Adele's friend from her past.

eve-hewson-tom-batemanTom Bateman and Eve Hewson as David and Adele

Why should I watch it?

With it only being six episodes in total, you are going to fly through this. While heavy on the drama, there's also another - mysterious - element to the series. Louise struggles to fully understand these two new people who entered into her life, and takes us along for the ride as she uncovers the truth. Gripping, scandalous, and at times equally uncomfortable and gobsmacking, the series is set to be a firm favourite with many Netflix users.

Steve Lightfoot also joined forces with Angela LaManna to write the series, a screenwriter known for writing one of the best episodes of 'The Haunting of Bly Manor', 'The Altar of the Dead' (the one where Hannah's disjointed memories come flooding back to her).

'Behind Her Eyes' will stream on Netflix from February 17. Read our review here, or listen to our Mini Review below.