Despite the third season not quite having the same pizzazz as the first and second season, 'Narcos: Mexico' shifted the action to completely new characters and proved it could still work.

As crime thrillers go, the spin-off series was a hit and was helped along by fantastic performances from Michael Pena and Diego Luna, not to mention great writing and directing across each of the episodes.

Since the series debuted on Netflix in November of 2018 and a second season was confirmed a month later, there's been a question mark over when it would actually arrive on Netflix. However, that question now finally appears to have been answered, though not officially yet by Netflix.

Actor José María Yazpik, who played Amado Carillo Fuentes in both 'Narcos' Season 3 and 'Narcos: Mexico', responded to a fan question on Instagram when asked when the series will return as February 2020.

No doubt there'll be some kind of official confirmation or possibly even a trailer before the end of the year but for now, this looks pretty solid seeing as - in our experience, anyway - most Netflix release date announcements seem to come from cast rather than Netflix themselves.

In the meantime, here's that excellent opening credits song.